Imacro Artificial Slag Conditioners

- for Steel Ladles

Imacro custom formulates artificial slag conditioners for specific steel plants.  These range from combinations of lime and fluorspar, with or without percentages of aluminum. Or, the slags can be primarily percentages of magnesia or calcium aluminate.  Those brands with* are manufactured for Imacro.

Imacro blends of lime, ranging from 70% to 40% combined with fluorspar ranging from 30% to 60%.  The fluorspar can be acid-grade or lower cost metallurgical-grade, dependent on the steel plant's metallurgy.

Dead-burned magnesia, ranging in content from 65% to 95%.

Calcium Aluminates*
Ranging from 40% to 65% alumina.

High purity, low carbon lime is packaged in 40 lb. bags, 2,000 lb. super sacks and sizes in between for metal producers that do not rely totally on bulk lime.

Calcium Carbide*      
Used as a ladle slag de-oxidant, Imacro supplies in pails, from their large inventory in the United States.

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