Macrocover Insulating Powders

for Tundishes and Ladles

Macrocovers are designed to insulate the surface of the molten steel in the Tundish and Ladle.

They also serve to seal the surface to minimize re-oxidation and to trap inclusions that float to the top. Formulations are designed in conjunction with the customer so the chemistry of the Macrocover is compatible with the customer’s metallurgical requirements. The products are grouped for use with silicon-killed and aluminum-killed steel grades.


Alumina-silica thermal insulator that has excellent spreadability across the surface of molten steel on tundishes or ladles.

A neutral to basic powder, with good spreadability that seals the steel interface and insulates above that interface. It is designed to absorb inclusions from the steel and remain soft for extended sequences. 

Si60 C10        
The chemistry of Si is slightly adjusted to meet the requirements of a specific steel mill.    

Si40 C20        
Primarily silica-based with a percentage of magnesia to minimize erosion of a basic Tundish lining. Si40 C20 has an increased percent of carbon to allow for longer sequences.

A silica-based pelletized insulating powder that has minimal dust, quick spreadability and very high insulation to minimize heat loss of the steel.

Similar in properties to Insul-X, with a percentage of magnesia to minimize erosion of a basic Tundish lining


A basic powder designed for tundishes where a fast initial melt down is required at the steel interface, combined with an insulating effect of the powder above the interface.


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