Imacro supplies the steel industry with ladle, furnace and tundish refractories that are required for full relines, spot repairs and energy-saving insulation. 

These high quality refractories are designed for specific zones in the ladle and furnace.  They are supplied as brick, dry-vibratables, ramming, patching and sealing mixes, as well as sprays.   

For insulating the molten metal in tundishes, Imacro has developed powders for specific mills to match their metallurgy, energy and environmental requirements.

To assist in easy removal of frozen metal or slag, Imacro has developed products that are spray installed.    

Imacro’s products are based on the extensive industrial experience of its employees with the continuing design of new and improved products to meet the changing operations of our customers.  Product inventories are maintained throughout North America and our proprietary products are manufactured at four plants to exacting specifications.

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