Macrovibe Dry Vibratable Backfills

Macrovibe dry vibratables are dust-free for a cleaner work and healthier environment during installation.
Macrovibe is offered in a range of compositions from 50% to 85% alumina, and 66% to 92% magnesia;
they are easy to install and pack well.

dry vibratable
macrovibe dry vibratble

 When used as a parting layer between ladle hot face brick lining and safety lining, Macrovibe stops metal that penetrates the hot face brick joints, protecting the safety lining, and makes the tear-out of the spent hot face brick much easier. Macrovibe is also used as a bottom-levelling layer for steelmaking ladles and furnaces.  Macrovibe is available with alumina content of 50 to 85%.  Many basic versions, with 66 to 92% magnesia, are supplied where basic slag contact may be a concern. Macrovibes are available with different binder systems that control the degree of sintering and minimize or eliminate sticking to the safety lining.  
Macrovibes are designed to flow easily from bags. Special particle sizing is used when the product is packaged in super sacks and used through a Macrovibe Feeder.  All Macrovibes are dust-free and odor-free during installation.
Macrovibes are grouped into the following categories.  Other versions are available for your specific ladle or furnace.  



  • For installing in gaps of 1.1/4” or less
  • Installing as a sub-bottom levelling layer.
  • Begins sintering at 1300°F (700°C) and continues to densify up to its maximum service temperature of 3180°F (1750°C).
  • Alumina: MACROVIBE 85MF, 70C and 50L2
  • Magnesia: MACROVIBE M92, M90, M88 and MD66



  • For installing in gaps of 1/4”.
  • Alumina:  MACROVIBE 85F and 70F.
  • Magnesia:  MACROVIBE M88F



  • Designed to develop low-temperature strength.
  • Initial hardening begins at 300°F (150°C).
  • Sintering begins at 1300°F (700°C) and continues up to 3180°F  (1750° C), its maximum recommended service temperature.
  • Used as the ladle backfill when the pre-heat is short or at low temperature and there is concern about the material shifting when the ladle is laid horizontally.
  • Used as a full sub-bottom or a levelling layer, in places where there is particular concern about material movement before sintering has a chance to begin.
  • Alumina: MACROVIBE 85 LTS and 75 LTS and 50 MF.
  • Magnesia: MACROVIBE M90 C.



  • Designed to minimize or eliminate sticking to the ladle safety lining which is elevated in temperature because of insulation on the ladle shell.
  • Magnesia:  MACROVIBE M90G, M88S and M70L.

MACROVIBE when used in Electric Arc Furnaces:

  • Cooler furnace shells as the Macrovibe has relatively low thermal conductivity.
  • More heat kept in the steel.
  • Tighter brick hot face to cold face
  • Provides an expansion allowance for brick.
  • Stops penetrated steel from reaching the shell.
  • Alumina:  Macrovibe 85 MF and 50 L2.
  • Magnesia: Macrovibe M92.

Macrovibe is supplied in 25 or 50 lb. bags or in super sacks of different weights.

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