Imacro designs and supplies patch materials for ladle linings and EBT furnace tapholes.  These can extend the lining life and/or fit around new well blocks or taphole shapes to allow the ladle to complete its full campaign. 

Macropatch MC60      A basic patch mix for hot repairs of ladle well blocks or holes in ladle floors.  The product is hand-bombed from the top of the ladle.  It self-levels in the cavity to be filled and sinters within 15-30 minutes.



Imacro designs and supplies sealing products to protect ladle brick from pre-heat oxidation and seal eroded brick joints and extend the lining life. 


Macroseal P204           An alumina-silica adhesive mix to be brushed or trowelled over cold mag-carbon brickprior to preheating.  P204 seals the brick surface and joints minimizing the loss of the carbon during the preheating and increasing the life of the brick. 


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