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Hearth Monolithic and Nozzles

Imacro supplies high, consistent quality brick to the steel industry. These grades of brick are for electric arc furnaces, ladles and tundishes and are manufactured for Imacro by ISO certified partners in China, Turkey and England.


70% to 90% alumina for annular roof rings.  Key-arch-wedges are supplied. These can be installed with Macroram AP85 ramming mix in the gaps between rings and the electrode openings.

Upper Sidewalls         
Magnesia-chrome direct-bonded key brick to withstand the temperature and physical abrasion from the scrap steel charge.

Slag Line                   
Magnesia-carbon brick made with high purity fused magnesia, graphite flakes, with total carbon up to 15%.  Anti-oxidant metals can be included.  Standard 13.1/2”, 15”, 18”, 21” and 24” keys are available. Other non-standard shapes can be provided. 

High magnesia burned brick, with and without tar-impregnation, to provide a strong safety lining in the event the monolithic hearth refractory is eroded. 

Hearth Monolithic     
72% magnesia with excellent sintering to withstand the impact of scrap charge, molten steel and molten slag.  Versions for cold and hot application are available. 


Wear Pads                 
Alumina-magnesia-carbon bonded brick to take the brunt of the impact of the molten steel charge stream. This can be for the side wall or floor.

Barrel and Floor       
Alumina-magnesia-carbon bonded brick, fired dolomite-magnesia brick, pitch and resin-bonded dolomite, pitch and resin-bonded dolomite-magnesia or mag-carbon brick with levels of 5% to 8% carbon can be supplied. Imacro will review your operation, and propose one or more of these brick types and the per cent of total carbon. 

Slag Line                   
Mag-carbon brick made with high purity fused magnesia, graphite flakes, with total carbon up to 10 to 15%.  Grades with 100% fused magnesia and with portions of sintered magnesia can be supplied.  Anti-oxidant metals can be included.  Standard semi-universal shapes and mini-keys are available.


Metering nozzles with zirconia inserts have given proven performance.


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