Microtherm Insulation

Microtherm is a highly efficient insulating material, manufactured with microporous particles.  It is used widely in steel, non-ferrous metals and glass industries, as well as in appliances, flight recorders and aircraft engines.

Where space is an issue or maximum insulating efficiency is needed, Microtherm is the best choice. It comes in several forms: panels, flexible panels, block and pipe sections, or it may be custom-made into formed shapes for specific applications.
Microtherm is made in Belgium by Microtherm International Inc. and is warehoused in North America by Imacro.

Imacro is the sole distributor for the iron and steel industries in the United States and Canada. It is the preferred distributor for the non-ferrous in North America.

Iron and Steel:

  • Blast furnace troughs, runners and blowpipes
  • Torpedo ladle cars
  • Iron ladles
  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Steel ladle shells and covers
  • Degassers
  • AOD cones


  • Copper converters
  • Copper anode furnaces
  • Glass feeder bowl insulation



  • Aluminum industry filter boxes
  • Transfer ladles
  • Molten aluminum transfer troughs

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