Macrospray Parting Layer Spray

Macrospray is used as a thin refractory parting layer for the removal of slag, steel and non-ferrous metals.

Macrospray products are alumina or alumina-silica particles in suspension.  When sprayed onto steel, cast iron or refractory linings, they will allow the easy dumping of skulls, removal of unwanted build-up or removal of solidified metal. The products are formulated to require infrequent or continuous mixing, depending on the customer’s request.
Macrosprays may be pumped with a variety of systems and sprayed with a simple orifice nozzle. Imacro can supply an air-operated diaphragm pump with suitable pipe and nozzle for spraying. We can also supply the schematic and bill of material for this system, if the customer prefers to purchase it locally.


Y101 (Dry)

Used for: Slag pots, furnace runner troughs; anode casting moulds in non-ferrous operations; requires continuous mixing.

K204 (Dry)

Used for:  Slag pots, refractory-lined molds for matte nickel; furnace runner troughs; only initial mixing required, with occasional stirring after 2 weeks. 

K201 (Wet)

Used for: Slag pots, furnace runner troughs; supplied pre-mixed-requires occasional stirring after 2 weeks.


40 lb. (18 kg) paper bags; 2,205 lb. (1,000 kg) super sacks.


Returnable Totes: 2,600 to 3,200 lb.(1,180-1,450 kg)    

205 litre drums 685 lb. (310 kg)                               
20 litre pails 50 lb. (22.7 kg)



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