Macroram Ramming Products

These monolithics are manufactured with selected magnesia, dolomite, bauxite, alumina and proprietary binders.  They are supplied in a semi-dry state and are installed with pneumatic rammers to achieve the optimum density. Macrorams fill the gaps around well blocks and between the ladle floor and walls.  The high alumina versions are also used in roofs. The chemistry of the ramming mix is selected to suit the metallurgy involved and to be compatible with the adjacent brick lining.


  • A dolomite based mix enriched with magnesia.
  • Used in conjunction with dolomite brick.
  • Used with basic slag conditions.


  • A dolomite and magnesia mix where extra refractoriness is required. 
  • Used in conjunction with dolomite, mag-carbon, or alumina-mag-carbon brick.
  • Generally suitable for basic slag conditions.


  • A high magnesia mix, specifically designed for electric arc furnace troughs.
  • Used when basic slag can contact the mix.


  • A high alumina mix made with high purity particles of bauxite, mullite and alumina.
  • Uses phos-bonding to develop very high hot strength.
  • Selected to be compatible with surrounding alumina-magnesia-carbon brick where high strength is critical.
  • Used around well blocks and in furnace roofs in conjunction with high alumina brick.
  • Available as a higher alumina version – AP90.


  • Based on zirconia-silicate and manufactured for Imacro.
  • Recommended for electric arc furnace troughs to allow easy removal of frozen slag or steel.
  • Available as QRAM Z, with higher zirconia content.

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