• High-concentrated modifier for hypoeutectic Aluminum-Silicon
    (5-13% Si) alloys
  • Low melting point of 580°C (1,080°F)
  • Improves the alloy elongation and mechanical characteristics
    of the castings
  • Modifies the structure of the eutectic silicon and induces the
    structure to change the silicon morphology from acicular lamellar
    to uniform and globular


STRONAL 9010 is a 90% Sr – 10% Al alloy packed in sealed Aluminum tubes. It is added to hypoeutectic Aluminum-Silicon casting alloys
Al-Si 5-13% to obtain a modifying effect. It has proven its worth in various casting methods, including but not limited to gravity, low pressure, high pressure, permanent mold, sand, investment castings, etc. The 90% Sr tube’s low melting point (580°C / 1,080°F) makes it ideal for casting at
lower metal temperatures, the benefits of which include reduced oxides
and hydrogen gas pick-up, less magnesium burn-off and lower energy consumption, resulting in an overall cost savings for the foundry.


STRONAL 9010 should be added into a molten metal bath with a clean surface (dross removed). STRONAL 9010 can be added during rotor degassing and when the bath temperature is in the 690 - 760°C
(1274 - 1400°F) temperature range. A dissolution/incubation time is
required after the addition of the modifier, and should be added at least
15-30 minutes prior to casting. This permits sufficient time for a good modification of the Al-Si alloy. Inert gas melt degassing improves dissolution and reduces the incubation time after addition of the modifier. Thermal analysis is suitable for a consistent control of the modification status on the liquid alloy. STRONAL 9010 is also ideally suited for Strontium treatment in the ladles used by large aluminum foundries.


Packed in standard 50 gram sealed Aluminum Tubes:

  • 500 x 50 gram tubes packed in 25 kg (55 lb) net weight steel drums;
    8 or 12 drums per pallet
  • 8 drums: 200 kg (440 lb) net weight pallets
  • 12 drums: 300 kg (661 lb) net weight pallets


STRONAL 9010 is a high Strontium (90%) containing alloy with a low melting point of 580°C (1,080°F), as noted above in the Aluminum Strontium phase diagram. As a result, STRONAL 9010 is the preferred modifier choice for treating molten Al-Si casting alloys, even at a processing temperature of well below 700°C (1,300°F).

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