IMACRO Inc. Products
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IMACRO offers refractory products, magnesium and aluminum sacrificial anodes, magnesium extrusions, strontium metal, specialty alloys and consulting services to the iron, steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and manufacturing industries. ... More »

ISO 9001

A reputation for delivering top quality products and excellent service. To achieve this, IMACRO put ISO procedures into place and was certified in 2003. It has maintained its certification. It works with its suppliers of raw materials and finished products, who supply under ISO certification.


IMACRO maintains an active research and development program by employing experienced and qualified professionals, as well as working in conjunction with recognized industry experts.

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Refractory products, for the steel and non-ferrous metal industries - supplying monolithics, brick, insulation, reactive ingredients, and consulting.

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  • Magnesium anodes
  • Strontium alloys
  • Calcium alloys
  • Specialty Metals
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Specialty Metals

STRONAL 9010 is the preferred modifier choice for treating molten Al-Si casting alloys, even at a processing temperature of well below 700°C (1,300°F).

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